Building My Genealogy Library

A personal genealogy library is something all the top professional genealogist have.  As I continually educate myself on genealogy research I find having my own personal genealogy library very helpful.  I have been to many genealogy lectures over the years and they always talk about their own personal libraries and how invaluable they are.  So I decided I needed to start a collection too.  However I can’t buy them all at once so which ones should I buy first?  My plan of action is to always begin a search on the internet.  My search brought up many results and going through them I narrowed my list to seven.

  1. Professional Genealogy by Elizabeth Mills
  2. Evidence Explained by Elizabeth Mills
  3. The Family Tree Problem Solver by Marsha Rising
  4. Genealogical Proof Standard by Christine Rose
  5. The Source by Loretto Szucs and Sandra Luebking
  6. Printed Sources by Kory Meyerink
  7. The Handybook for Genealogist by Everton

There are many reasons to have a personal resource collection but the biggest one is that the public library is usually not open at 2am in the morning.

Here are a few of the more helpful sites I found on genealogy resource books.

What’s in your Personal Genealogy Library? at

What’s on Your Bookshelf? Building Your Own Personal Genealogy Library at

The Top 5 Books on My Bookshelf at

And now that I have my list I can be wise with my money and see which ones I can find at a good price.   Amazon used books is a good place to start but sometimes the shipping increases the price more than you want to pay.  Another good choice is Half Price Books. You don’t always find what you are looking for but sometimes you get lucky. And that is exactly what happened to me today.  While at Half Price Books I found one of books on my list!!!  and a couple others that looked interesting and at the right price.

The Start of My Genealogy Library

Great finds at Half Price Books

Do you have a favorite go to genealogy book when you are researching?  Let me know what it is in the comments below.

Until next time, happy hunting!



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